Monday, October 06, 2008

Its been a big day...*

Before I head to bed I have to post. I. HAVE. TO! If toilet talk bothers you, look away.

Two weeks ago we bought a child sized toilet seat that sits on top of the regular seat. We have been letting Madeline sit on it before or after bath time. I totally know she is only 17 months old and it is pretty early to start all this but my thought is that I have introduced it to her so she can be comfortable with it even before she starts really using it. We have been talking about the toilet and that is where pee and poop go. Just to start, to begin, to sort of, kind of, maybe, get her halfway ready.

But tonight, oh tonight, I sat her on the seat and started her bath. She said, as she has said many times when sitting on the seat, "pee" and pointed to the bowl. This time she said it two more times and kind of looked at me funny and then it happened. She went to the bathroom on the toilet!!!!

I won't bore you with any more nity grity, but there were high fives and fist pumps all around. I know we have years of work ahead of us, but this is just a tiny glimpse into what life could be. A life without diapers will be a wonderful thing.

* alternate post title: My First... pee on the toilet!!!



Sarah said...

Isn't that a great feeling! Every morning when I wake up my daughter for daycare I put her on the toilet. She goes every morning. So it is a start.

Ms. Bethie said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!! I like the idea of getting her used to the potty. I am going to pass that along to my sister. It's a great start. What a great feeling it must be for you and Kevin!!!

Fiance-Jeanne said...

that is awesome that she is starting!! I am potty training 16 two years every day and it helps when the parents are trying to get their children to try at home too. Congrats!!!

bridget said...

just've saved one diaper already! when you no longer have to buy diapers it's like getting a raise.