Friday, October 03, 2008

A day at the Zoo

On Wednesday we took advantage of the glorious weather and spent the entire morning at the St. Louis Zoo with Anna and Maddie. Everyday the zoo is open the children's zoo is free the first hour. So from 9-10am you can get into the children's zoo for free. We had never been in that part of the zoo so we checked it out and it was pretty cool. It will be better when Madeline is a little older I think. The play equipment is really ment for larger kids and there were too many big kids for us to let the girls play on it without worry, but we did get some good photos.

Madeline is as tall as a Koala bear!

Maddy joined in the fun.

The girls giving loves to each other. Although it kinda looks like my Madeline is attacking the other Madeline doesn't it. (Anna, do you have a better photo where it doesn't look like my daughter is mauling yours?)

The Children's zoo has goats that you can go pet. Because they don't let visitors feed them they are non-agressive.

My conversation with the docent went something like this*:
Docent: Because we don't feed the goats in the pen they are non-aggressive.
Me: Like the goats at...
she cuts me off
Docent: We just say they are non aggressive.
Me: Right, unlike the goats at...
she cuts me off again
Docent: YOU might say that.

*If this didn't make sense to you I explained it at the bottom of the post.

She was totally right. They were the most laid back group of goats ever.

Maddie being adventurous! Although I think maybe her mommy wanted her to keep her hands to herself. Goats are kinda icky.

Madeline wanted to sit on the bench as soon as she saw the goat

"So, how is your day going?"

Maddy and Maddie hanging with the Daddy Giraffe. This was near the end of our visit and the girls were a bit restless.

Can you see that Giraffe's tongue? Click on the photo, really. It is quite impressive.

Madeline, being watched by the chimps. Don't tell Granny.

*If you aren't from StL or have never been to Grant's Farm here in StL then this conversation makes no sense to you. They have goats at Grant's Farm that you can pay to feed and because of that, when you walk into the pen they swarm you like a group of bees. They also chew on your clothes and eat your shoe laces. Unless you like that kind of thing, I don't suggest it.



Jenny and Aaron's Baby Blog said...

The goats must be better than they used to be. When I was little we lived in St. Louis and my parents took me to the zoo where apparently a goat ate the tag off of my stroller. I don't like goats, needless to say. :)

Christy said...

Oh I just love giraffes. And I love those days at the zoo and such. Sweet, sweet, sweet moments.

You are so nice to me on my blog. Thank-you, you are just sweet yourself.