Saturday, October 11, 2008

Gone away is the blue bird

I am not a scrooge. I promise. I just ask that my husband refrain from listening to Christmas music until after my birthday. (Which is this week if you must know.) It is the one and only restriction I put on his Christmas joy. (I think he would listen to Christmas music year round if I didn't set limits, and I do cave for Christmas in July.)

Have you tuned in to 101.1 FM lately? They are changing formats so instead of continuing with whatever they were playing before, they are playing 24/7 holiday music. I think Kevin might be in on this. He and the radio stations have conspired against me. And it is not the kind you do by the fire.



fern said...

Happy birthday!

I am with Kevin on the holiday music. And holiday everything else. I walked behind the Halloween display at Target and they had the Christmas stuff hidden back there! Bright twinkle lights everywhere! I instantly felt at least 25% happier.

bridget said...

hey, i've been in christmas mode since september an elf, i feel your pain. by the time christmas gets here, who cares?!! you can try singing along with the christmas tunes, but change the lyrics around a "it's beginning to look too much like christmas". works for me!!

Michelle said...

I'm with you. It's way too early for anything Christmas...we still have to get through Halloween and Thanksgiving (one of my personal favorite holidays). No Christmas music (or anything else) for me until after Thanksgiving. Then, bring it on!

gigit said...

Can you believe this made the news here in Houston. I was watching early this morning around 5:30am and I heard them talking about the radio station in St. Louis playing Christmas music.
This year is going to fast for me as it is!!!!!