Sunday, October 05, 2008

Moving Day

My brother in law moved today. We are all exhausted. Maybe I'll post more tomorrow... that is if I can squeeze it between my school work. I only have two exams to write, about 75 assignments to grade and two lesson plans to complete. Argh.

Now I feel really tired. How about a comment to make my day brighter?



Christy said...

Okay, comment away I shall.....hmmmmmm, what to say? Well, that was nice of you to help with the moving. Also, teachers are great. Everyone in my family is a teacher so I have a soft spot for them! Here's something you may not know, you somehow remind me a little bit of my sister on occasion on here. It's neat. So...good luck with all the work. Once my mom put all her graded papers on top of the car and drove away and they scattered everywhere. So don't do that tomorrow.

Jodie Allen said...

so fun to see you this weekend!!!

Tara said...

Stop by my blog, have something for you.

Molly said...

I got to spend the entire day with your delightfully funny and entertaining little girl. I was no less exhausted, but it's a good exhaustion. She is such a dear. This morning, when I went to leave the house, I found myself saying "keys"... in that cute little lisp of hers. She is an amazing little girl. 17 months old and she walked most of the 1 1/4 mile loop on the hiking trail at Powder Valley. I'll bet she slept well last night! I know I did.

Elliot said...

This has little if anything to do with your post here, but I just had to relay this information to you, as I know you will love it.

Reasons God may exist:

Gooey Butter Cake

Proof God Does Exist:

Gooey Butter Cake Cookies.

mGk said...

Oh Buddy, you know me so well. i don't mind a random comment here and there. As long as you aren't selling me anything.

Now I want Gooey Butter Cookies. When are you bringing them over?