Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Ice cubes

In my dreams, heaven is a place where I am always comfortable, happy, content and loved. There are also endless swimming pools, lots of Mexican food, chocolate and you never ever run out of ice cubes. I've talked about this love of ice before. It isn't a new thing and I don't think it will be changing any time soon.

During my first pregnancy my love of ice intensified... and I was pregnant mostly through the winter months. This time around I am going to be pretty huge come August (what were we thinking?!?!) So Kevin got me an incredible mother's day gift.

Do you see that? That is a little piece of heaven right in my own freezer! When we looked at the house the first time I was thrilled to see an ice maker! Little did we know that there was no line run for water and therefore it didn't run.

So for mother's day Kev hooked that baby up and after a couple of days (of pure torture, because you have to throw the first 48 hours of ice away just to be safe, argh) I can now have ice to my hearts content.

Although I still love the "tiny ice" you get here and here you will never hear me complain about my ice situation ever again. Oh, I know my husband loves me and boy does he know me well.

I should go... there is an ice water in my immediate future.



Molly said...

You are so easy!

Gina said...

Lion's Choice has the BEST ice. QT is good too.

bridget said...

I didn't know you were the Ice Queen.

Michelle said...

Lion's Choice does have the best ice...wish they were in ATL. They also have a 25 cent ice cream cone (or used to) and the best roast beef I'm sad I moved away.