Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Hair days

Hello Monday... again.

Although I L.O.V.E. three day weekends, I have to say it has lost some luster as a {mostly} stay at home mom. Instead of feeling rested and relaxed I am kinda stressed out today because I feel like I have lost a day.

Today is Tuesday, but I honestly feel like it is a Monday, and then I remember that it isn't Monday, but Tuesday and I get all freaked out that I missed a day of my life when in reality I just ate my way through my actual Monday at not one but two great BBQs. (that was quite the sentence huh?)

Which reminds me, I need to find a better homemade pizza crust recipe. Our second BBQ of the day was at our friend Anna and Joe's house and they made us the best grilled pizza! They had two different crusts, and both were delicious. And two of the 4 pizza's had bacon on them. It was awesome. (Thanks Anna and Joe!)

So Friday, (and the real reason I started this blog post...) Madeline had the weirdest hair day. I should start this by saying I love my daughter's hair. My hair has been straight my entire life (or at least as much of it as I can remember). Not that I don't like my hair, I do, but the grass is always greener on the other person's head right? So when Madeline's hair started growing in and it was curly I was thrilled. She honestly has the best curls, and I love her hair after a bath. She has such tight ringlet curls they make me swoon.

Friday was no exception. Most of the day her hair was fine, but after her afternoon nap she had a clump right on top of her head that wouldn't lay down. Not having anywhere to be I wasn't too concerned with it, and I just let it go. Three hours after her nap this is what it looked like:

Hurricane Madeline!

You can see it a little better here:
She had a perfectly formed hurricane directly on top of her head. These photos where taken while sitting above her on some stairs.

Madeline has never had a hair cut and I am nervous about it. Not that I think she is going to freak out, but I am worried I am. I don't want to cut those curls off just to be left with straight hair. Although they are pretty tight curls on the ends, the more her hair grows in, the straighter it seems to be. I don't want to cut those baby curls and loose my baby girl! She is getting so big and a hair cut is just another milestone in her growth.

I know we are getting ready to welcome #2, but I am just not sure how I feel about losing my first baby to the grips of childhood. She has already begun asserting her independence and informing us that she can do things on her own. I am afraid that if I set her in that chair and they snip those curls from her neck I won't be able to see any of my baby left. I guess I will still have her chubby legs and arms, but even that is only for a few more months I am afraid.

My brother in law is getting married at the end of July. I know that I should have her hair cut before then. I just don't know that I am emotionally ready.



Adrienne said...

There is no law that says you have to cut your daughter's hair.

Molly said...

Listen to Adrienne!

Gina said...

Don't cut those curls until they get frizzy!!!

bridget said...

Why would you have to cut her hair for your brother-in-law's wedding? I think you should definitely wait until after the wedding...if even then! Shoot for Guinness Book of World Records!