Friday, May 15, 2009

Dear __________,

Dear Godly Trash Company*,

Since you began our cities trash service a little under a year ago we have been impressed with the courteousness of your drivers, we love the curb-side pick up of all recycling goods and your employees are some of the strongest people on the planet. (They have to be to pick up some of our more recent yard waste cans!) We thank you for all of that.

At the old house you picked up our trash at a reasonable 11am. On the nose, every Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday. We only moved 8 blocks away. Why, OH WHY, must you pick up our trash at 7:15am?!?!?!? With every roar of the trucks engine and every squeak of the compactors crunch our entire household... including our currently sleep deprived ME and our little 2 year old girl... are awoken from our much needed rest. Those 30 to 45 minutes of sleep are important to me.

Please consider us as you plan your next change of route? Please? And PLEASE don't get any earlier! I don't think we (I) can take it!



* our actual trash company only serves a few cities in our area. Hence I am not sharing the name so that if there are any creeps out there they can't track us down. This is the same reason I don't EVER tell you what we are doing before we've done it, use last names, give street names or even our school district. I share a lot on here... but you have to protect what you can right?



Nana's Lady said...

Man that stinks. Ha! Stinks, get it. I know, that was the stupidest joke ever. I hope they change it. That sleep IS important. I'm so mad because I haven't been to your blog in a while and my computer is being annoying and hardly any of the photos would come up, even the header only showed me the top of your cutie's head! And I know I'm missing out, because she is such a victorian little beauty. A little vintage-looking babe.

Oh, and about your comment: Really? Toilet paper squares? So funny and weird! I love it.

Molly said...

I live a block away from you and they don't pick up my trash till sometime around 8:30 or even later. Maybe you should sleep at my house those nights.

Oh wait... they come 3 X a week....


RPS said...

Our trash is picked up around 6/6:30...but we're pretty much gone for the day by then, ugh, makes me tired thinking about it!

bridget said...

maybe you should invest in earplugs.