Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Where to start

I don't have a traditional post in mind. Just a bunch of random thoughts that I feel the need to share so bare with me and then comment so I know I am not crazy. Deal? Deal.

  • I hate hic-ups and I have had them for 15 minutes. I could get up and get water, but that would involve movement of my legs and that just isn't happening right now.
  • Does any other parent out there sigh a sigh of disappointment when they hear their child waking up from their nap? (Not every time of course...)
  • My sister in law was laid off two months ago (and is still unemployed) and yesterday my brother found out they are cutting his hours back at work. What exactly is fair about that? I for one am ready for this 'economic turn around' every one is talking about. You?
  • I'm tired. And whiny. Pity, party of one?
  • I have eaten so many hot dogs in the last 5 days that I'm not sure I want to eat one ever again. (They really are good though, maybe I'll have one as a snack?)
  • Monday we bought our plane tickets for Kevin's brother's wedding in Florida. Is it July yet?
Ok. I think I am done. Sorry this is totally random. I need a nap and vacation. Anyone else?



Molly said...

I need a nap and a vacation, too! And for those of you who think Mo is crazy for whining about hiccups... I have never (ever) known anyone who gets hiccups more than her. When she whines about hiccups, she has good reason.

I would say sometimes I had a sinking feeling when my baby woke from a nap, but then you might get traumatized b/c you were that baby. The sinking feeling is not b/c your baby is awake... it's b/c you didn't get enough done while she was napping. How's that?

No, you're not crazy girly-cue.

Gina said...

When L wakes up, I invariably think, "Sh*t...I wanted to get one more thing done. (Or I wanted a few minutes to snooze myself)"