Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Sorry to keep you in the dark...

I don't like keeping secrets, but sometimes a girl has to do what a girl has to do. Tonight is the night I come clean.

Kevin and I have had a big 5 years.

In 2003:
We bought our first house.

In 2004:
We got engaged.

In 2005:
We got married!

In 2006:
I graduated with a masters degree.

In 2007:
We had a baby... and what an adorable baby she is!

In 2008:
Honestly, not a lot happened in 2008.
But I have a feeling 2009 will make up for that.

In 2009:

We moved out of our first house and into our second... and hopefully last (at least for the foreseeable future!)


We made Ms. Madeline a big sister.

Meet #2.
Yes, we are calling this little one #2 (kinda like this clip from Scrubs.)

Like last time, we are not finding out the sex of this little nugget who we will officially meet in mid-October.

We found out #2 was joining our family the EXACT SAME DAY we found out we had gotten the new house. Our first OB appointment was on the day we closed on the new house. I'd say the two go hand in hand.

I have been feeling like crap. (Thanks for asking.) I had morning (noon and night) sickness with Madeline for the first 5 almost 6 months. I was hoping for an early reprieve this time around. I am feeling better than I was, but not 100% ok yet, and I am 4 months along. I also am very glad that Madeline is an excellent sleeper, because I have been taking naps along with her whenever I can. Hence the house is not yet unpacked :)

We are totally excited and of course scared. Life with two is going to be a change. But we have until October to prepare. Any advice on dealing with #2 please pass it along.



RPS said...

Congrats many times over!

Jenny and Aaron's Baby Blog said...

Congrats! We're so excited for you guys!

bridget said...

well, you watched your mom raise 2 and i did it too, so it can't be all that hard now, can it????

Molly said...

You muddle through the best you can & pray you do no permanent damage.

How's that for advice?

Hey... you asked for it!

Jodie Allen said...

AWESOME! Two is great! HARD but so so great! :) Congrats Maureen!!!

Michelle said...

Great u/s photo! So excited for you and to find out whether Madeline will have a little brother or sister!

Kelli said...

Congrats!!! What are Madeline's thoughts???

Elliot said...

From my experience, the second one is way better, though less likely to maintain a blog later in life.

Okay, maybe not better, but certainly on par with the first, and will always look up to the first. There might be times when the second and the first don't get along (like when the second is in middle school), but they'll be good close friends later in life. Trust me on that.

Jen said...

CONGRATULATIONS! You'll do great. You'll have your moments of "What have we done???" but you'll get the hang of it fast.

So happy for you!

Nana's Lady said...

Oh yay!!!!!!!!!! And I love the way you posted this with the little history lesson about your family. This is wonderful news and congratulations! I hope you get past the morning sickness part quickly, and into a more comfortable pregnancy spot for a while! We have an october baby too. A good birthday month, I think.