Thursday, May 14, 2009


So that Madeline's other favorite birthday gifts are not left out I thought I would share them as well.
Madeline loves to swing, and what is better than moving into a house with swings just half a block away? Having a swing to hang in your own back yard! There hasn't been a day in the last 8 days that she hasn't gone "fwing-ing."

Then there is the sand crab. We can't walk out the door without Madeline asking to take the lid off the crab... hours and hours of fun. Not to mention an adorable hat!



Jenny and Aaron's Baby Blog said...

Q just got that exact swing! He loves it too (once he got over crying and not wanting to sit in it!). That sand crab is too cute!

Michelle said...

Loving her purple tulle skirt!

mGk said...

We saw that Q got the same one on your blog! What fun! As for the skirt, thank you! I made it myself! It is mostly purple with some light and dark pink mixed in... oh and ribbons too!