Friday, May 29, 2009


Today Maddy and I are attempting to unplug. (See Jodie's grand plan here to find out more.) I will blog about our day on June 1. See you soon!


Jodie Allen said...

AWESOME! good luck! :)

bridget said...

Marty and I live our lives pretty much unplugged most of the time...why do you think we're sooo laid back??? haha!!

When Ryan was in first grade, he did a science fair project on the importance of electricity. We decided to spend an entire day w/o electricity (not including the refrigerator). Unfortunately, Marty's dad died early that morning, so I was left with 2 little kids and no electricity by myself. It was February (very cold out, so no parks or outdoor activities). No TV...let's do a puppet show (I hate puppets). No radio...I'll sing (the kids begging me to STOP!). I don't recommend least not in the dead of winter.

Molly said...

I'm dying to know the scientific outcome from his science fair project? What did he conclude? Limiting electricity kills your grandpa?

bridget said...'re "dying" to know? How insensitive! Keep in mind, he was 6 years old...he concluded that electricity is important. DUH!