Friday, May 14, 2010

Whether the Weather be foul, or Whether the Weather be not

We spend a lot of time in our play room. It makes sense. It is the biggest room and houses most (read all but a few) of the toys and books. It is a kid's paradise if you ask me.... which I know you didn't, but this is my blog post so I'll do what I like.

There are only so many photographs I can take in that one room before I get board with the composition.

So I try to switch it up. Or lay it down. (or lay me down...)

I sort of think of this as "the world through Lydia's eyes" because I am pretty sure this is how she sees the world right now. You know, as a floor baby and all.

No wonder she looks at her big sister like she is larger than life. To her, she is.



Adrienne said...

Hey! We totally have the same easel. Alexander's Grammy and Pop-pop gave it to him for his birthday. Does Maddy adore hers like Alexander does his?

Also - love the shots from the "Lydia point of view".

Molly said...

It's like the photos Maddy takes with her camera... lots of butt shots. The world of a 3 year old is full of tushes.