Monday, May 03, 2010

Goodbye two

So what does a girl do on her last day being two?

Watch a Wonder Pets marathon while eating breakfast which causes you to narrate the rest of your day in song. (Please sing the following lines in your best operatic voice...) "I'm gonna spray your hair!!!! No I don't want any milk!!! Do they have a bathroom here?!?!?"

I. am. sewious.

Do a little ballet in the morning. (or maybe a lot as the case may be)

Take a dip in the pool with Sheep, Zebra and Santa Claus.

Make your little sister wear a totally ridiculous (but amazingly adorable) hair bow.

Meet a buddy at the park for a picnic play date and some pre-birthday brownies. (Thanks Leo and Becca! Our afternoon was awesome and so were the brownies!)

Have a frank discussion with your sister on what it is like to be a big kid while getting tips from your older (by two weeks) buddy on how to be three.

So how do I feel about saying goodbye to my 2 year old? Frankly I'm a little sad. Although challenging, our two year old has been a lot of fun too. As much as I look forward to her growing up, I am a little sad to say goodbye to my first baby.

Here's to tomorrow!



Bridget said...

Don't you love celebrating "birthday week"? I remember suggesting it to you a few years ago saying that it takes the pressure off that "one day"...looks like you might have taken my advice. I love birthday week...mine is this week too! Madeline and I should celebrate together...I like brownies too!

Molly said...

Those pictures of Maddy & Leo are absolutely adorable! I love it that she has a friend since birth, and his friend's mommy has been a friend since you were 5. There's some serious history going on there, and when you think back on it, it's a great history! Ahh... good times.