Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Because we need one more battle

So from my previous posts you may have gathered that Madeline is a handful.


Then you need to re-read my blog posts from the last month or two.

Honestly, she's trouble.

Any who,

Madeline has stopped napping. We started having trouble with her afternoon nap last summer (in late June early July I think). Since then there hasn't been a week where she has napped every day. At first it was just one or two days a week. Then she was up more than she slept.

I kept with it. I tried not to make it a battle. I instituted a 'rest' instead of a nap. She just had to stay quiet in her room. Some days she'd fall asleep. Some days she wouldn't.

In the last four weeks she has napped once.


So, we gave it up.

It's been ok. She goes to bed earlier which works out really well for our family schedule. She still has quite time in the afternoon but now it is down stairs not in her room. I miss my time alone in the afternoon and I can't watch Days of Our Lives any more, but maybe I shouldn't have been watching that in the first place. Just sayin'.

For a week she went to bed without much trouble. Now this week, again, all bets are off. The other night she said she was afraid so I turned on her closet light and left the door open just a little. She was quiet for a long time. Then she came down stairs with this:

Sorry the photo is fuzzy, I didn't have the flash on.

She is wearing her jammies, a STL Blues jersey and has a dress (that is two sizes too small) on a hanger and is asking for help.

Why does she need help?

Because of this:

Yep. My little fighter looks like she got into a brawl on the ice and someone pulled her jersey over her head. Really she just wanted it off so she could put on the dress.

So it has gone on almost every night this week. We put her to bed. She tries every stall tactic in the book.

"I'm thirsty. Tell me about my day. What are we doing tomorrow. I can't sleep without a hug. I need more kisses. I love you. I need you."

That last one breaks my heart.

She also raids her closet and tries to put on every outfit. I guess this should motivate me to clean out her closet (there are sizes from 24 months to 5T in there). For now I've just tried putting everything on the higher bars.

So this is just one more test being thrown our way by our just turned 3 year old. As my first born Madeline is my best teacher. I'd like to think I am getting good grades as a mother, although I know I have failed at times, I'm learning. She is pulling out all the stops to make sure I am learning a lot. I am sure Lydia will appreciate all of Madeline's hard work.



Michelle said...

Just leave the clothes in the closet. Lydia will need them before you know it.

Also, Dev may have to be an only child. I'm not sure I can handle two. :)

Adrienne said...

Is she having trouble with the fact that it is still light out when she goes to bed? We think that is (one reason) why Alexander takes SO long to go to sleep (and wakes up SO early). He prefers to kick his wall, strip naked, and generally make noise. We have also had the "stalling techniques" (my fav: I heard deer - they scare me.) to which we have had to be mean and just leave him protesting in his room. :( Not that I want you to be dealing with bedtime issues, but it is nice to know it not just us. Thank you for comforting me Super Momma Maureen!

Adrienne said...

Also the fact that her clothes are all hanging up in her closet is just more proof that you are a MUCH better housekeeper than I am.

Michelle - I wonder the same about myself and then remember...too late. :)

Molly said...

As a mother of grown children, all I can do is laugh! (in an evil way - mwa-hahaha) You can't escape Karma!

Granny's words of wisdom for the day: If it's easy, it's not normal.

Gina said...

L and I aren't battling over naps yet. Dinner is another story.

Bridget said...

You could take the advice given to me by my grandmother (your great-grandmother, Ma) "Just pin them to their mattress" I know...wierd, huh? She told me she pinned my mother to her mattress to keep her in bed!!!!! I would bet Madeline Houdini Opal Doctor would be able to slip out of the PJs and would be back to the closet picking out the next outfit. I'm with Molly...laughing...but I'm not laughing the evil kind...hahaha!

Elliot said...

The real tragedy for Lydia as the younger child is that all the easiest limits will have been tested, so she'll have to get creative to find other limits to test.

Maybe that's not a tragedy for her, but for you and Kevin...

Love, your Younger Brother (who had to get creative)

Molly said...

Elliot, we need to have a talk....