Thursday, May 06, 2010

Madeline is three

and what a third birthday she had! We started the day bright and early and headed to the zoo with some friends. (more on that later)

Our first stop was the sting rays.

They suggest you lay your hands flat in the water in order to get the sting rays to swim up to be 'petted' but Madeline spent most of the time with her hands just above the water. Eventually she got brave and put her hands in, only to be splashed by a passing ray. She thought that was pretty funny.

So I said we were there with friends, and oh boy were we! We met three families at the zoo (very impromptu). There were 12 of us. Four mothers. One 5 year old. Five 3 year olds. Two under 1.

Did you get that... ::FIVE:: 3 year olds!!! One of the mom's commented that we probably looked like a preschool. I'd say we looked more like a five ring circus!

There are 6 of the 8 kiddos and one mom. A circus I tell you.

Hanging with the hippos.

I promised Madeline a birthday train ride, so after the rest of the kiddos headed home for lunch Madeline, Lydia and I boarded the train.

Of course she wore her new '3' shirt.

On our way home I let her pick where we stopped to get lunch. She chose a chicken quesadilla so we brought it home and had a picnic while we watched a little tv.

Eventually we ate the dinner she chose. We had hot dogs, mac and cheese, pineapple and carrots. A very three year old meal if ever there was one.

Then cake.

And family presents.

I think this might be the only photo with all four of us since our time in the hospital. We need to get a real photo very soon.Preferably one where Kevin and I don't look like we are about to sneeze and Lydia's face isn't buried in my arm pit. (That is very normal for her when she is tired. She nuzzles my chest and arm and will close her eyes and doze with her face in my chest or arms.)

And this face:

Was for this present:

My big girl got "her very own bike."

She had been talking about getting her "very own bike" for months. She was surprised and obviously very happy. She looks so very grown up on her "very own bike"!



Molly said...

Fabulous! Wherever did you find such a wonderful photographer?? heh heh heh

Bridget said...

Just a tip...when the training wheels come off, don't call on your dad to teach her to balance/ride. Sorry Gene...I had to bring it up!