Friday, May 21, 2010

I'm the funny guy!

Since September of last year I've been keeping a record of SOME of the funny things Madeline says. Some of them need no explanation...

Sept 10-Panayo=tomato. "I don't like panayo."

Sept 24- "I can do the velcro! I'm a grown up!"

Sept 24- picking up granny's phone... "I have to call Leo. Hello Leo!"

Sept 30- to my belly: "hey baby! Come out come out wherever you are!"

Nov 6- "grey is good"

Dec 21-mads: "I don't want to eat the core" ( of an apple).
Me: "you know poppy eats the core."
Mads: (very dramatically) "Noooooooooo! I don't want his tummy to get sick!!!!!!"

Dec 28- "you know, Lydia doesn't really walk." (as if I didn't know...)

Jan 18- me: "but Madeline, if you don't have a poop why do I keep smelling it?"
Madeline: "because you love the smell of poop."

Jan 20- "Sorry, Lydia you can't have a milk shake. You drink milk from mommy's breasts. Sorry."

Jan 28- me: "who's the boss?"
Kev: "Tony Danza."
Maddy: "NO! We don't have a Tony Danza!!"

Mar 1- "Trudy is going to LOVE this!!!!" (repeated as she is drawing a picture for our neighbor.)

Mar 3- "as I always say..."

Mar 17- "when I grow up I'll be a boy."

Mar 29- "put her (Lydia) in her excersauser so she can sauce, like this" (she proceeds to fling her hips around and head bang... hilarious!)

May 13- me:"you had to go to the bathroom?"
Mads: "yeah, so THAT was my problem!"

Others need more of an explanation...

Dec 7- "where is candy cane lane? how do we get to candy cane lane? Is Santa at candy cane lane? but where is it? Can I see it from here? Is that candy cane lane? But I saw lights? Can we go to candy cane lane? Is this candy cane lane?" (At Christmas time there is a street in South City that decorates not just the houses but the streets as well. They operate it on the weekends for a donation to local charities... Madeline loved it, but would talk about it at nauseam before and after our visits there.)

Jan 2010- "Purple?!?! That's my colorful favorite!!!" (Instead of saying my favorite color Madeline would switch it up. She made this mistake for a couple months but is now 'getting it right.' I think it was cuter this way.)

Mar 3- from the bathroom...
Madeline: "I need help!"
My brother Elliot: "I think she needs someone more qualified."
Madeline: "Elliot, you're qualified!"

Mar 14- "is that a watermelon pie?" (upon seeing wedges of watermelon)

Apr 6- "I spy with my eagle telescope." (We play I spy with my eagle eye in the car... a lot. And when something is far away Madeline looks with her eagle telescope, aka, her hand.)

Then there are the ones that revolve around television shows...

Like Dinosaur Train:
Dec 8- "O - Obama-saurus!" (a new species for this song.)
Apr 15- "Lydia is a King Cryalopeasaurus.. Because she's crying."
Apr 16- (while talking to herself) "Oh I was just telling a Trolodon joke... Hea hea hea."

Or Charlie and Lola
Mar 4- "I have a little sister named Lydia. She is little and very funny." (See second :38 of this clip if you don't get it.)

And today alone she gave me four different note worthy comments...

May 21- "but momma, I amn't a good helper!" (as in I am not... she gets the concept, not the application.)
May 21- "I just spit up a little." (and she had)
May 21- "I can't play now. I need to rest my bones."
May 21- "Because I'm Madeline! The funny guy!"

I am sure there are a million I have missed and will be many more to record.



Molly said...

Here's one from yesterday:
We were talking about filling the hummingbird feeder with sugar & water.

Me: How can we get it to be red?

Maddy: I know how to make red!!!!! You need some paper, a paintbrush, red paint, and some grown ups!

Molly said...

She totally is the funny guy. :)