Saturday, May 15, 2010

25 questions: Madeline, age 3

So I know there are a lot of people who have this tradition. You ask your child the same questions on or around their birthday each year and see how they answer them. I most recently saw this on the blog of (get ready for this) my best friend in 6th grade's sister. (Did you follow that? Hi Jenny and Katie!) She is the mother of a 4 year old boy and one year old triplets. Yep, triplets. Amazing.

Any who, I decided this would be a lot of fun and 3 is the perfect age to start this. So here are Madeline's questions, Volume I, age 3.

1. What is your Name? Madeline Opal LastName, Doctor

2. What is your favorite color? Purple

3. What is your favorite book? Huckle's Good Manners (which is a book I bought in the dollar section at Target and I guess it has made quite the impact...)

4. What is your favorite movie? Harold and the Purple Crayon

5. What is your favorite food? Pineapple

6. What is your favorite TV show? Wonder Pets (no surprise there...)

7. What is your favorite song? My Dave Song.

8. What will you do when you grow up? Cook.

9. What is your least favorite food? Cucumber

10. Now that you are 3 what do you think you'll do? (what is your goal) Push swings.

11. What is your favorite thing to do with mom? Clean (???- I don't clean so I don't know what she is talking about.)

12. What is your favorite thing to do with dad? Drive (I think she means play Mario Kart, but maybe I should ask him if they've been taking the car out on joy rides when I'm not around.)

13. What is your favorite store? Daddy's

14. Who are your best friends? Madeline and Leo

15. What does Mommy say? ...

16. What does Daddy say? aba goo goo (she obviously didn't get these two questions!)

17. Where is your favorite place to go? Shop N Save

18. What is your favorite restaurant? McDonalds (They must put some super kid attracting mojo in their food b/c we just don't eat there that often...)

19. What makes you laugh? When I say funny jokes.

20. What is your nickname? What is a nickname?

21. What is your favorite toy? My shovel. (let it be known that that was the toy in her hand as I was asking her these questions so I don't know how accurate the answer is.

22. What is your favorite thing to do with your sister? Play Tuck and Linny. (from Wonder Pets... I am usually Ming Ming...)

23. What makes you sad? When you yell at me. :(

24. What is your favorite thing to drink? orange juice but really it's milk (totally her words.)

25. What is your favorite thing about school? nothing, I don't go to school silly!

So that ends Volume, I of 25 questions with Madeline, age 3! Until next year!


Bridget said...

so does "Huckle's Good Manners" include a chapter or lesson in how to behave while eating dinner in a restaurant???? hahaha!!

Jenny and Greg said...

Hi! *wave* :)

Adrienne said...

Cute! What a great idea! Do you mind if I steal it to try it with Alexander?

Molly said...

I can't wait!!!

B - you're so bad.