Thursday, May 27, 2010

Bed time

So I like sleep.

Like, a lot.

In graduate school we used to have conversations about how late everyone stayed up reading for class or working on a paper. I was always the first in bed, by at least a couple hours.

I used to say that if I didn't get 8 hours of sleep I was useless. Now that is more like 10.

So why am I posting at 2 minutes to midnight you ask?

Children steel your sleep. Like thieves they take minutes out of your day that could be spent doing laundry, or putting away dishes, or (more realistically) reading blogs and trolling Facebook.

Don't let their cute little faces and sweet squeaky voices fool you. They are out to get your sleep.

You might think I am referring mainly to my youngest child. Although she is going through a rough (I am not going to go to bed until YOU are thoroughly convinced you are a horrible parent) stage she is not the only sleep thief in this house. The older of the children is the one who derails me most of the waking hours. She demands attention all day long and creates a wake of destruction behind her. Her trail is littered with crayons and doctor's tools. Today I played doctor with her for the better part of an hour. Was that enough? Heck no. She wanted to keep playing, FOREVER!!! When I suggested we find a new game to play she sobbed that if I stopped playing doctor, her stuffed penguin would never get better. You can't reason with a sobbing sleep thief.

Lydia takes my time at night. Madeline during the day.

I suspect a conspiracy.

So five minutes to midnight and I am posting. Maybe I should just write tomorrow's post while I'm up. Na, I'll leave that for them to steal from me tomorrow.



Gina said...

I love sleeping too. L had his fair share of sleeping issues his first year, but now he's inherited the I-love-to-go-to-sleep gene from me.

If I could just convince him that sleeping in late is fun too....

Bridget said...

See my comment on your next post (about hair)...I'm telling you it's a time could use the extra time to sleep!!!!! ZZZZZZZZZZ.

Molly said...

That bit about the penguin never getting better had me laughing out loud. You can't argue with that logic!

As for sleep... there'll be plenty of time for that in old age. Right?