Thursday, January 15, 2009

Did you know?

Did you know that printers will not print unless they are at room temperature? I didn't until ours gave us an error message that said something like,

"Do you know how cold it is out here on the porch? I am @%#&-ing freezing you @$$hole! I'm not doing your bidding until I am at least at ROOM TEMPERATURE!!! "

To which I replied, "Whoa printer! What's with the toilet mouth?"

Then I checked myself into a clinic for those who talk to their electronic devices.

The End.


Elliot said...

You should have said, "What's the problem? This is a room and you're at its temperature. Hence you are at room temperature."

But that's just arguing semantics I guess.

bridget said...

Check yourself out of the clinic...I have a book you can borrow titled: What To Say When You Talk To Yourself.