Sunday, January 04, 2009

20 month olds say the darnedest things

Last week I was getting ready to serve lunch when Madeline marched up to me. She asked for some yummy nummies (aka, food) so I told her I was cooking.

So she marched over to the mircrowave, pointed at it and said, "Mommy cooking."

I guess I am not going to be winning the Martha Stewart award for best home cooking. That is unless they have a microwave category.


Madeline is a super genius.* How do I know this? Yesterday I picked up her water from the floor and set it on the coffee table. A few minutes later Madeline said, as clear as day, "Momma, where my water go?"

I about died. A 20 month old, with a five word sentence. FIVE words! Impressed yet?

*please read this with a sense of humor and a large grain of salt!


Madeline loves Little People. She has a ba-gillion of them. (Ok, more like 30.) She calls them her "guys." One of her favorite activities is to count them. We dump them on the floor and then count them as we put them in a large bowl. About three weeks ago I was in the kitchen and she was making a lot of noise in the living room. When I walked in the room and asked her what she was doing she had the Little People in the bowl and was using a wooden spoon to stir them. Her reply,

"Guy cooking."

Is this another reason to be concerned?



Gina said...

As a speech therapist, and the mommy of an almost-two-year-old, I am impressed. So cute.

RPS said...

She is an impressive girl! My fave is the request for more presents after christmas....

Molly said...

Then there's the whole fork thing... the other night at dinner at Granny's, she named all the forks. Granny's fork, Poppy's fork, Elliot's fork, Kathy's fork, Mommy's fork, Daddy's fork. From previous posts, you know fork doesn't really sound like fork. We try, oh we try, not to laugh too much.

fern said...

Oh, Helena calls Little People, "friends." As in, "Dis friend sit here!"

I am impressed with Madeline's speech too!

Kim said...

Very cute. My 20-month old girls can barely say one word at a time!