Wednesday, January 14, 2009


I hate stress and I've had a lot of it today. So I cleaned out our front closet. It helped a little.

I've been on the phone most of the afternoon dealing with, well, stuff. (Maybe at some point I'll get into that...) I've also been without a car since Kevin went to work at 11:30am. The dodge is in the shop for the fourth time in a month. Oh, how I hate stress.

But, I thank my blog friends for putting my stress in to perspective. Fern is going though a tough time. Let's just say 2009 is not being very nice to her. (And 2008 wasn't very kind either.) Hop on over to her blog and send her some love. I think she could use it.



Vanessa said...

Here is the link, let me know if you do it! I want to get it done by Valentines Day although if it doesn't happen Easter!!

-vanessa from

Michelle said...

Sorry you are having a stressful day. And have to be on the phone dealing with something unpleasant. This too shall pass...