Tuesday, December 23, 2008

The Weather-Blog Hypothesis

The colder the weather gets, the less likely I am to blog.

It is true. I can prove it.

Fact #1: When the weather gets really cold, we shut the sun porch/office door. The windows on the porch are still the old windows (the only windows on the first floor we didn't replace in '04) and that room gets really cold which makes our bedroom really cold, which makes the hallway cold, which makes the heat run a million times a day.

Fact #2: Since Madeline came along our office is out on the porch. Along with the computer that holds all of our photos.

Observation #1: I don't like blogging with out photos. I feel like blogs with photos are so much more interesting then just words. Who really cares what I have to SAY! They want to see my daughter and what our house looks like! (It's true, don't pretend you don't want to know!)

Observation #2: With the porch door shut, I am less likely to open the door to turn on the office computer, especially since I have a perfectly functional laptop in a "warm" room in the house.

Conclusion: When the weather is cold... I am less likely to blog!

Which is a shame, because I have some really cute photos to share from the past few days. Maybe I will put on my long underwear, hat and gloves and head out to the porch this afternoon. I can be extreme!



Elliot said...

Observation One: You totally just trashed my blog, oh sister of mine. Chekkit:

"I feel like blogs with photos are so much more interesting than just words."

What is my blog? ALL WORDS (ignoring the handful of videos I throw up there on occasion).

Observation Two: Isn't your husband some sort of computer-network genius? Don't you think he could rig up some sort of system where you could get the photos off your camera using your laptop in the "warm" room but store them on the computer in the "cold" room? Seems to me he could totally do that. In fact, I've got to talk to him about some sort of using-the-printer-on-a-network dealie at my house...

mGk said...

Yes, I sorta trashed your blog... but I already know what your house looks like, so it is ok. I love you and your blog. You are in a different category all together, with Fern.... you have blogs that are witty and smart and better than mine ever will be.

As for #2: he is a network genius, and I can post photos off the other computer from my lap top. That isn't the issue. The issue is that I don't even want to GO OUT THERE in the first place. Even if it is just to turn the computer on and come right back to the warmth.

Maybe I should have included some additional information. I hate to be cold, and that other than your wife (and olivia) I am one of the coldest people ever, and that I am lazy. Yep, lazy.

Kathy said...

I think she called me lazy...and cold.

Molly said...

No, she just called you cold. At least she didn't say cold and bitter.

Bitter? You bitter, you brought her.

heh heh heh.

bridget said...

can't your genius husband get you a remote to turn on the cold-room computer? or how about you just leave it on in the cold weather...you know, when you close the door, you turn on the computer and just leave it on til you open the door. who knows, maybe the computer will generate a little bit of heat. you should look in to covering your windows with that 3M shrink-wrap plastic stuff...oh, yeah, if forgot you are lazy.