Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Snow Day

We are at home today, because my work was canceled b/c of snow. We are eating warm oatmeal and watching The Street. Oh, I love this show and I love my DVR.

I usually don't mind the snow. Although this is day three of just Maddy and me at home, alone, all day. It is this time of year that I start having serious cabin fever and am dreaming of walks to the park and picnics on the yard. Oh, what I wouldn't give to have a warm day to sit outside and soak up the sun. (just wait... in a few weeks it will be 80 degrees and I'll be complaining about the heat.)

Because of the cold weather I've also decided I miss being pregnant/nursing. For the last two winters my body temperature has been higher and I was hardly ever cold. Yesterday I spent almost all day with a heating pad on my feet and a warmed neck pillow on my shoulders. How did I live in Norway? I just don't remember being that cold when I lived there... even though I know it was at least this cold for the first three months I was there. (I think it snowed everyday for the first month I was there.)



Gina said...

Ohhhh...picnics outside sound heavenly. That will be so fun with a little one this summer.

Elliot said...

You don't remember? You were worried about how you're always so cold, and I said, jokingly, that maybe it was because you didn't have a soul. And so right before you left for Norway, I scribbled "Elliot M. Rauscher's Soul" on a piece of notebook paper and gave it to you to keep you warm. It obviously worked.