Wednesday, January 28, 2009


Sundays are one of my favorite days of the week. Kevin works, which isn't much fun, but Madeline and I hang out all morning just playing around and sitting around in our "jam-buz." (aka. pajamas) Then when Kev get's home we head off to one of the grandparents houses for dinner. (We alternate every other Sunday with Kevin's parents and my parents.)

I went out to celebrate my friend Anna's birthday on Saturday night and when I got home, this is what was waiting for me.
That's right folks. That is all of our laundry clean and folded. My least favorite chore. My husband ROCKS!. All I had to do was put it away!

Then Madeline played her current favorite game.
She calls it, 'baskets.' She loves lining the laundry baskets up and diving from one to the next. Then she drags her babies with her and pretends they are sleeping in each of the baskets.

Isn't she a cutie?! I was trying to get a photo of her hair after a wild game of 'baskets.' It is standing on end.

If you click on this photo you can see it much better... but she was upset b/c in trying to climb into the dark blue basket it swung up and hit her in the forehead. Isn't that face pathetic. I assure you she is ok.

Once Madeline realized I was taking pictures she wanted her baby in on the action. She picked up baby (who she calls, Maggie or sock-n-mecky* alternately) and said, "baby picture." She loved seeing the two of them on the digital screen.

In this photo she had picked up baby 'le-oo' (baby Leo) and wanted a picture with all three. I made the mistake of asking her to smile. What a face huh? Just wait...

So Kev came home and we headed to dinner at Kev's parents house. Kevin's Grandmother, who Madeline calls GG celebrated her birthday** this week so we had cake and opened presents.

This time I didn't ask her to smile, but someone did. You have to click on that photo to see her face in it's full glory. This photo makes me laugh sooooo hard!

Madeline had hugs...

and kisses for the birthday girl.

Madeline and GG are so wonderfully sweet together. Madeline loves her GG!


* sock-n-mecky (aka, Scott and Becky) are two of our best friends. They are currently living in Hawaii, where Scott flies a Chinook Helicopter for the Army and Becky works as a speech and langauge pathologist. They were home over the holidays and Madeline fell in love with them. She has been asking for them ever since. (That's right guys, Madeline misses you so much she has named a babydoll after you... when are you coming home again?!?!)

**although Grandma has never owned a computer and may never know I posted these photos on our blog, I know she would be very unhappy with me if I told anyone her age. Let's just say she has lived through both World Wars and as a young woman she took an open cockpit biplane from Florida to CUBA as a day trip while on vacation.



Gina said...

I love these pictures and I think I want my little man to marry that little girl one day. She is too cute for words. The one of her with GG got me a little choked up. My son has a 93-year-old "great pa" that we both adore. Great post.

Molly said...

A post a granny can love! Lots of pics. I'm a happy granny.