Wednesday, January 28, 2009

eight inches of the white stuff

Snow! Kevin worked late today so we spent almost an hour and a half outside this morning.

First we had to get Madeline all suited up... check out those bags on her feet! That's right, tights, then bags, then socks, then boots. Her feet were toasty when we came inside.

Of course I put her in a snow suit before we went outside, as well as socks on her hands (thanks maw maw), plus mittens, a hat and a hood. She was toasty.

She helped Kevin shovel the driveway. Click on the photo and you can see just how tiny her shovel is. Hilarious!

At this point she still wasn't sure about the snow. She kept stopping and saying, 'Momma! My boots! My boots icky!' She was totally concerned about getting snow on her shoes. So I plopped her down in the snow. Eventually she got it, that it just wasn't an issue to be snowy!

She played on the porch while Kev finished most of the driveway.

Then she was ready to go sledding.
Madeline was a little upset when Kevin walked down to the hill to check it out without her. She stood there yelling, "Daddy! Sledding!"

Then the neighbors, O and P, got into the action.
Even I got into the spirit and took Madeline down the hill for a ride!
Then we went inside, warmed up with some hot cocoa and some Elmo. What a good snow day!



Molly said...

I love snow!

bridget said...

I hate snow!