Friday, July 23, 2010

Somebody loves her big sister

And the feeling is mutual.
*I have been making an effort to shoot with my camera in manual. I am learning... slowly... I kinda like how dark these turned out however. Girlies in silhouette.


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Elliot said...

I know what you mean about shooting in manual. It's second nature when I'm using one of my old film cameras, but it's actually rather difficult on the newfangled ones. They're designed to be used in one of the automatic modes, so fiddling with shutter speed and (especially) aperture settings are a lot harder. Though apparently some of the super expensive DSLR cameras do have easy setting control in manual mode. But who has $5000 to spend on a camera? If you do, could you help a brother out? Specifically, your brother?

But that's why I want the Holga D when it comes out. It's going to be a fully manual digital camera. The problems with it are that it has a plastic lens, no LCD screen to view said pictures, and the body is that standard Holga "let's go ahead and let some light leak in" body. On the other hand, that's what makes the Holga take such mesmerizing pictures...the plastic lens and ligh leaks, not the lack of LCD screen. That's just poor planning.