Friday, July 02, 2010

It really is a shame

It really is a shame that Madeline is such a wall flower.

And she is just so very serious all the time.

I worry that she just won't let loose.

I worry that her shyness might hinder her.

I mean what am I going to with her?

It is a shame that she seems to have no personality at all.

Sorry to be missing in action. All is well, just really busy.

And don't worry that Madeline hurt herself again. These photos were taken the day she hit her eye on the coffee table back in June. I am just now getting around to posting the "out takes" from that mini photo shoot.



Bridget said...

We'll have to call her Shrinking Violet...yeah, right!

Gina said...

I know a few little girls who really are ridiculously shy. I love that she has a cute personality!

Molly said...

made me smile...