Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Madeline and the Sarcophagus

Earlier this week we spent the morning at the Missouri Botanical Garden. (Thank you Anna, Madeline and Cullen!) While there one of the volunteers gave each of the big girls a scrap book featuring some of St. Louis' museums. (MoBot, the Science Center, Missouri History Museum, etc)

One of the locations was the Saint Louis Art Museum (SLAM) and the art featured in the book was the Egyptian mummys. Madeline has been talking about the sarcophagus all week long.

About four months ago we borrowed this book from our library and part of the story line involves "the bad guy" being locked in a sarcophagus. What amazes me, is that she remembered the story with more detail than I did. I am pretty sure she is going to ace reading comprehension in school... much like her momma.

Any who we are lucky enough to have a world class art museum that has a decent collection of Egyptian artifacts at SLAM so Granny and Poppy set off with Madeline on an adventure to find the sarcophagus.

I've been told she was impressed that this railing was just her size. :)

After the quick rest, they headed to find the sarcophagus.

We found it!

Posing with the "mumma". For some reason Madeline can say sarcophagus without much trouble but she has been calling the mummy a mumma. Who knows what goes on in her silly head some times.

She also found the blue hippo!

After the Egyptian art they visited some of the other pieces of art.

A Monet.

A Degas.

Then they headed back out into the heat and played around Art Hill.

And the Grand Basin.

St. Louis joined in the fun.

Taking the long walk down the hill back to the car.

Thank you Granny and Poppy. What a wonderful adventure for Miss Madeline!



Michelle said...

Love it!

Gina said...

I love the art museum but L isn't ready for it. I can just see him sprinting through, knocking things over...oh, lord....