Tuesday, October 13, 2009

WARNING: Toilet talk ahead

***If you don't like hearing about poop you might want to skip this post. You've been warned.***

Alternate post title: Why we may never eat White Castle's again

I am here, still pregnant. We are doing everything my doctor suggested to get this show on the road. This includes long walks and slyders. (That is how the WC people spelled in on their trademark, honest.) Among other things that I will leave to your imagination.

In order to get working on this process, Kev and I took Madeline to lunch at Castle's yesterday while running some errands. She ate one... just one mind you. Then we ran errands, where we walked around Target, a lot. If you hadn't figured it out, it didn't work. I am still not in labor. Madeline however had quite the reaction.

This is where I start talking about poop so if you are squeamish, look away.

She is a very regular pooper. She poops twice a day. Once in the am and once in the pm. Before lunch she had a regular BM. Totally normal. After lunch however she never did poop. This has happened before, she just wakes up in the am and poops and then we are back on schedule. I didn't even think she would have issues. That is until 2:30am.

Kevin went into her room to calm her down because she was crying. As soon as he walked in, he said he knew something was wrong, because "of the smell." I got up shortly there after to help with the mess, and boy what a mess it was.

I love footie pajamas. Kids are so cute in footed sleepers, running around the house and getting cozy in bed. They are NOT however good for WC poop explosions. She got dirtier getting her out of the sleeper then she was in the sleeper. It has been a long time since we've bathed a child in the middle of the night, but last night we did just that. And a load of laundry. We were all back in bed by 3:15am.

Why do I even mention all of this? Well, first to let any other pregnant women out there know that WC are not going to send you into labor. I've had them twice in four days. Still pregnant... and now exausted. Second, to keep a record of what not to do as a mother for both myself and others. Don't feed your children WC, unless you are ready for a craptastic night. Litterally. Third, and finally, to remind myself that it could have been worse. Madeline could have been here with other family members while we were at the hospital, OR I could have already had the baby and had to deal with NO sleep at all last night. (Just another fear, coming to reality before #2 is here.)

So be warned. No more WC for us. We'll stick to long walks and those other things.



Chris Tea said...

Good times. Good times.

bridget said...

It was all part of your doctor's plan...getting up in the middle of the night...doing laundry in the middle of the night...those fun nights are just around the corner and your doctor just wants to make sure you are ready! Does he/she charge extra for that service?

P.S. Funny you should abbreviate white castles as WC...hahahahaha!

Jen said...


I feel bad for you, and we've had similar disasters here so I'm not laughing *at* you...

Molly said...

those other things????