Sunday, October 18, 2009

Just haven't met you yet

I've said it before but I am done being pregnant. Oh the drama that swims through my head when I type that. Let me tell you a story.

My delivery with Madeline was induced. I don't' know if I posted about that or not and honestly I don't have the energy to go look. I was totally ok with that choice at the time, but was thinking this time I'd like to let nature take it's course.

The problem with that... I am a control freak.

I wanted to have this baby before my due date. I planned on having this baby before my due date. Kevin took 7 days off work.. which are quickly being burned. We are ready to have this baby. So we scheduled an induction. I wanted to wait, but I am done.

None of this is makes my mother happy. She wasn't thrilled about our induction last time and believes in the natural process of child birthing. It isn't that I disagree, but my control issues (which is a personality trait I also get from my mother) and hip pain and lack of sleep and constant heartburn and crabbiness, win out over my desire to wait. (Sorry Mom. I do love you.)

So today as we get ready to become a family of four I wanted to post my last pregnancy photograph.
Taken on Friday, October 16, my 30th birthday and 3 days short of 40 weeks. Don't know what Madeline was doing there, but she had to be in the picture, but wouldn't look at the camera.

I am an avid fan of Michael Buble and got his new CD as a birthday present from my parents. As we get ready to meet our #2 I have to share a song with you. It is the first single off his CD and it made me cry (at 5am) the first time I heard it.

Haven't Met You Yet
by Michael Buble

The line, "I know that we can be so amazing and baby your love is going to change me. Now I can see every possibility." makes me all teary.

We can't wait to meet this kid. We can't wait to hold our second baby. We can't wait to introduce him or her to our loving friends and family. Control freak or not, we just can't wait.

"I promise you Kid I'll give so much more than I get. I just haven't met you yet."

So the next time you hear from me, I'll introduce you to our #2.

I can't wait.



Gina said...

YAY!! I cannot wait for your next post! You look beautiful!

Jen said...

SQUEEEE! I'm excited for you!

bridget said...

So are you have #2 on Monday? You know, Monday's child is fair of face!

RPS said...

Can't wait to meet #2!

Michelle said...

Can't wait to meet number 2! And I agree, you look awesome!

Chris Tea said...

I love that photo!!! I am so happy and can't wait. Best wishes! Yay!