Monday, October 05, 2009

It's kicking me

Tonight after dinner we were having desert and as I was cleaning the ice cream off of Madeline's face, hands, hair, chin, neck, elbows, etc... I got a swift kick in the side from #2.

Me: Ouch!
Madeline: You ok Mommy?
Me: Yeah babe, the baby just gave me a little kick.
Madeline (While very seriously looking at and rubbing my belly): Baby, be good to our mudder. No kicking.
Me: Thanks honey.

Today was a much better day.



bridget said...

I think Madeline will be a really good big sister!

Michelle said...

It's moments like that that make you put up with no naps, 8 loads of laundry and sleep deprivation.

carolyntracy said...

Hey- no post yet today- you must have had the baby!!! (is this how rumors get started?)

Chris Tea said...

Baby must be saying: "Hey! I want out soon! Hi guys!" Hope you are doing okay in the home stretch.