Sunday, October 04, 2009

This post is NOT an Update

I had plans to update with my 38 week photo and all that jazz. Simply put, I'm distracted.

Distracted by what you ask?
  • actually BEING 38 weeks pregnant
  • having no less than 8 loads of laundry to do today, no joke
  • parenting a two year old who still doesn't want to nap and says things like "I'm too tired to nap." How do you argue with that?
  • Ken Burn's new documentary on the National Parks system
  • crying over a two year old who won't nap
  • crying over the fact that I can't nap if my daughter doesn't nap
  • crying because in two weeks or so I am going to have TWO children who won't allow me to sleep
  • crying,* just cuz
  • cottage cheese
  • heart burn
  • the Real Simple Magazine my sister in law let me borrow
  • wallowing in the mess that is my kitchen but putting off the dishes because I have done 8 friggin' loads of laundry today, by gone it!
  • not having the baby's room even close to ready
  • thinking about packing a bag to take to the hospital
  • not packing a bag to take to the hospital
  • worrying that I haven't packed a bag for the hospital
  • still not packing a bag for the hospital
And finally...
  • blogging
I am sure there are more.... many more... but know that I am still pregnant. At least for now.

*Did you get that I cried today? It's ok... I am better now.



Chris Tea said...

Oh, poor you! I always found that when I began to cry more and obsess over laundry more the closer I was to the homestretch. Hang in there!

Fiance-Jeanne said...

I am thinking about you. You are Wonder Woman. You will pull though. Call if you need to talk.

RPS said...

We're both thinking of you -- wishing we were closer to provide some help or company!!

Michelle said...

Ever since we had Devon the laundry just doesn't stop so I feel your pain. As for all of your worrying about packing for the hospital--don't. You won't need much while you are actually in labor, and someone can bring you the stuff you do need. I hardly used any of the stuff in my bag. I used my toothbrush, robe, sweats, nursing tank, hair band, combination body wash/shampoo and chapstick. I didn't use so much other stuff that I wondered why I ever thought I would need. I mean, why did I think I would feel like shaving my legs and as a result pack my razor? Or feel like wearing full on makeup?

Anyway, the worrying and crying are normal. So have a cookie (or cottage cheese--so gross) and indulge your very pregnant self.

Michelle said...
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