Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Funny little things

Madeline applies the weirdest inflections on words. 90% of the time she says mother but just the other day she started saying 'mudder' instead. My mom has a bunch of examples, because she finds it totally adorable. Not that I don't, I just don't have the brain space for that right now. Maybe in a few months...

Today, on the way to our local grocery establishment,* however I captured Madeline as she found her inner Carol Channing.


*I have been in no way sponsored by this grocery store chain. It is just that her inner Carol is "Channeled"** when shopping here!

** How punny I mean funny am I?



bridget said...

Now you just need to get her to sing "Hello, Dolly"

bridget said...

And another thing...I noticed that she checks out her peripheral vision each time she says "we're at shop N save". I wonder why? hmmmmmmmm.

Chris Tea said...

Ha! So cute! And your a lady from my own heart because I love puns too.