Wednesday, September 23, 2009

My First...


Getting Madeline's hair cut was not a decision I came to easily. (See here and here for proof.) I say I and not "we" (as in Kevin and I) because he has been telling me to do whatever I want for months now. This crazy was all me!

What was I worried about? I just didn't want to loose my "baby" or her curls. Holding on to that hair was me holding onto the last days of her as a baby and not a little girl. Although she really has been one of those for quite some time now.

I decided it was time to get her hair trimmed. I wanted that out of the way before #2 made its entrance and the ends of her hair were in rough shape. (They were all scraggly and damaged and knotted a million different ways every day.)

Not to bad, I know, but it was awfully long in the back and not very healthy looking to boot.

Madeline was an angel. She sat almost completely still during her hair cut. She even looked down when the stylist asked her too.

Her good behavior may be attributed to the sucker in her hand however. (alternate post title, My First... sucker!) Although she looks nervous in this photo, it is just the face she makes when she is asked to smile.

The finished product! She just wanted to keep looking at herself in the mirror.

She is looking good, and she still has her curls!

So, overall it was great. I didn't even freak out. Which was Kevin's big concern... and mine too really. She still has her curls. They are just a little shorter in the back. She loved her sucker and we may have created a monster now that she has had one...

I know she has a lot of firsts still ahead for her. As we get ready to welcome #2 it is hard for me to think about having two kids and more specifically how grown up Madeline is going to seem once there is an infant in the house. I know that I had to cut her hair before this baby got here because I am not sure I would have had the guts to do it after.

Ps. If anyone needs an awesome stylist in the STL area let me know. Anne, my stylist, is awesome...



Gina said...

Her first sucker?!? Now I feel guilty! Her hair looks awesome!

Molly said...


Ok, just kidding. Really, she looks fabulous, and I'm very proud of her good behavior. She deserves another sucker! Can I give it to her? (why am I asking... of course I can! I'm the Granny!)

Jen said...

She looks so cute! I'm so happy her curls stayed! That turned out well.

I'm glad you've discovered the most effective parenting tool since the stroller: suckers. A giant back of Dum-Dums is so cheap, but it can buy you hours upon hours of quiet when you are forced to bring your child into a store, along to have the tires rotated, etc.

bridget said...

Lookin' good, Madeline.

RPS said...

The haircut looks great!

Michelle said...

It looks awesome! Glad that you were able to work up the courage to give her a hair cut--I know you were super stressed about it.