Friday, September 11, 2009

I'm hungry

Everything gives me heartburn. Even my beloved cottage cheese is causing me pain. I can't NOT eat... but looking through my photos, trying to come up with a post, has made me even hungrier.

Two weeks ago I stopped at Gus' and picked up lunch.

I mean who can resist a pretzel dog, (or brat or salsiccia) or those eyes?

Now all I want is a pretzel brat and some sticks. I did purchase a bag of bake your own Gus' while there two weeks ago. But my oven is broken* and the repair guy (who said he'd call late morning/early afternoon... and it is 2:30pm) is yet to appear. SO I can't even bake my own... but even if I did, it would just give me heartburn.

I honestly don't mean to be so whiny. I just want a pretzel.

Oh, and I missed you too.

*we think it is the latest victim of the lightening strike almost four weeks ago. I just hadn't tried to use the oven until about two weeks ago... which isn't uncommon when the weather is warm. Then the fix-it guy had to order the part and that has taken every bit of a week to get it in.



bridget said...

Heartburn is almost the only thing I remember about pregnancy...I feel your pain (or should I say burn?).

P.S. I had an email from Alix asking if you had popped yet...I sent her a link to your blog, so maybe you'll be hearing from her.

Molly said...

Don't tell me you're gonna end up like your grandma & start having to dust your stove... until you get tired of it altogether & have it removed so there's more room in the kitchen. LOVE your stove!! It deserves it!

Nana's Lady said...

I remember this. The heartburn is torture. Even water gives you heartburn at this point. You're so hungry and yet can't eat anything. No one understands!!!!

Michelle said...

Have you tried Pepcid? Towards the end of my pregnancy I was taking it 2 x's a day plus Tums. It seemed to keep the wolves at bay.