Friday, September 18, 2009

Further proof she just doesn't get this whole baby thing...

Madeline: The baby is coming today?
Me: No, the baby doesn't come until October.
Madeline: We can cut it out now if you want.
(insert me running and screaming...)


Madeline: Where is my baby?
Me: Right here. (pointing)
Madeline: No mom, (like duh mom) my baby is coming on an airplane from Florida.


A parent at the playground: So Madeline, are you having a brother or a sister?
Madeline: NO NO! It's a baby!


Me: Madeline, where is your new baby?
Madeline: In your baby bump.
Me: That's right. Are you ready to be a big sister?
Madeline: No way!

She could not be more right.


Molly said...

hahaha... so true. My own Maddy/baby story:

Me: Maddy, what are you going to name your baby?
Maddy: Max!
Me: What if it's a girl?
Maddy: (in a very patient, yet exasperated way) No, Granny, it's a BABY, not a girl!

Elliot said...

I'll have to ask her about the baby next time I see her.

bridget said...

Can't wait to see how this big sister thing plays out. I remember Ryan staring at Alan when he was a few weeks old and asking "when can he play?" Fun is just a month away!!!!!