Monday, September 21, 2009

Fall, part I

Fall is my favorite season. I used to think it was the weather and the colors, but as I have gotten older I realize that it isn't so much about the big things, but the smaller things that make fall so special for me.

As a kid, Fall was all about family. We spent a lot of time with my dad's parents because all of our birthdays fell in the fall. We'd go apple picking, and make Apple crisp or pie. We'd carve pumpkins for Halloween, build a fire in the back yard (or fire place) and break out our cozy sweaters and sweatpants.

Although the weather is still a little warm around here I am looking forward to the fall. I know this fall will be different then in the past. I AM only 4 or 5 weeks away from our due date and Madeline has been so much fun the last few weeks. I can't wait to do all the traditional stuff with her/them. So much so that we have already gotten underway!

After spending most of the summer in flip flops I always look forward to putting on my comfy sneakers in the fall. Of course I couldn't let the season come without getting Madeline her very own pair.

I mean really, are those not the cutest shoes EVER?!?! I am in love and honestly, I want a pair for myself! (I have a blue pair, but aren't the red awesome?!?)

When we bought our new house, in January, we had no idea what our yard would look like. Most everything was dead. But as the spring came and summer continued we quickly realized we were going to have our very own apple tree! We haven't been able to actually identify the apples, but we think they are either a very tart golden delicious, or Granny Smiths.

Regardless of what they are, they make a very tasty apple crisp. If you are in the neighborhood and need some apples come on by. We have thousands on our tree. Madeline has been enjoying picking them, but there are only so many apples three people can eat! We have already had picking parties with Madeline's friends Leo and Max and Granny and Poppy. There are plenty more to go around so come on over and bring a big bag!



bridget said...

I may get by for some apples...I too love apple crisp...maybe we could swap recipes!

Gina said...

The red converse are AWESOME. I might have to get myself a pair. L has a pair of black ones and I think they are the cutest shoes ever.

Molly said...

If you go apple picking, you might want to bring an apple picking pole. Where can you get one of those? You know, those things they have at Eckert's... a long pole with a basket attached. Some of those apples are very high up in that tree!

Michelle said...

You could always make your own applesauce and freeze it. Of course that requires effort that you may not have this late in your pregnancy with a 2 year old who only sometimes naps. :)

mGk said...

I already attepted apple sauce and thought I would be smart and make it in the crockpot... to save myself some work. Then I forgot about it and it is more like apple burn. Argh! I may try again...