Thursday, September 10, 2009

Clever title here.

My creative juices have not been flowing. I haven't had the real desire to blog in a while. I know that I am just busy with work and getting ready for #2, (t-minus 6 weeks and counting) and dealing with the fact that just before our newest addition gets here our two year old has decided that napping is for the birds. I am loosing my mind over that! I can't even begin to tell you how crabby that makes me. I wish I could just be ok with her not napping and playing in her room for an hour or two... but the girl who comes out of that bedroom is a crabby, crazy, insane little girl who needs a NAP! If she could function until bed time without a nap I wouldn't be as crazy about it, but she CAN'T and honestly, neither can I.

So, until I get my groove back I leave you with a photo of Madeline and her Daddy.

I love the fact that she looks like a little rocker in this photo. Even if it is just a Guitar Hero rocker. :)



Jen said...

Hey! My kids all gave up naps at age 2... but the older three all took them up again later. Mine seem to give up naps during warmer weather and pick them up again in late fall, when the days are getting short. Don't know why. I'm always thrilled to see the return of nap time!

So, don't despair. She will probably start napping again in a couple months.

bridget said...

just so you know...since your creative juices stopped flowing and you didn't feel like blogging...i've missed you!

Nana's Lady said...

Oh naptime - so very very very precious! love the photo.

Michelle said...

I've missed you too!