Friday, February 13, 2009

Mother's advice

My mother suggested that when I am having a bad day, and doubting my role as a mother/wife/housekeeper/human being, I should just look at the photo in the post below and know that my daughter is a happy and peaceful soul. I'd like to think that I have something to do with her calmness and comfort, but I know reality.

Talk a good look at that photo. What is really comforting her in the photo is the glow of the TV. She is laying before it as a shrine to everything Sesame and is relaxed because it says it is to be so. Elmo sings his song and everything is right in her world.

I can't blame her. On Wednesday nights I long for my daughter to be in bed and my work to be done so that I can sit in front of the TV's cool glow and relax with a little food (Top Chef) and some Real Housewives.

I don't want you to get the idea that the TV is on 24/7. It just isn't. (I am not working full time and we have utility costs to take into account.) Madeline only ever watches Sesame Street, mainly b/c everything else sounds like nails on a chalk board to me. (Yo Gabba Gabba for example, what drug are they smokin'? The creators hit one to many raves if you ask me...)

So I don't disagree with my mother. I do have a happy and laid back daughter and a happy family to boot. For that I am thankful. Truly I am. I think mom was just trying to give me perspective. Something I know I am gaining as a mother and I am thankful that she is trying to help me recognize. Although a little Sesame Street never hurt either.



bridget said...

I still want to know what was in that sippy cup. And are you looking forward to a sippy cup on Wednesday nights?

Gina said...

Before he was born, I swore there wouldn't be much tv in my son's life. but well, things change. He, too, doesn't watch Diego 24-7 but some days are better than others, and I have learned that television definitely is educational. He learned to count in Spanish from Diego. He could need that someday!

Adrienne said...

Well, Alexander is so-so with TV. Mostly he will watch a little what we watch if we are choosing to eat dinner in front of the TV ( I know, bad habits galore - even worse we are watching junk TV (Bachelor anyone?)

But I must thank you for the Feist clip you posted awhile back. He loves it and other clips linked to it. Sesame Street comes on at naptime for us. Currently his obsession seems to be "ham!!!
" (Green Eggs and Ham book). I draw the line at 3 times in a row.

Besides you should know that you and your mad skills at crafts and housekeeping are one of inspirations.