Wednesday, February 11, 2009

This about sums it up

Madeline's favorite way to watch Sesame Street.

That about sums up how I would like to spend the next three days. See reasons below. ARGH!

Did I mention I was sick?



bridget said...

What are you putting in that sippy cup??? Do I need to call DFS?

Molly said...


I wanna be Maddy.

RPS said...

And that's how I feel on a friday. Hope you're feeling better!!

Christy said...

Holy crap! Look at those groovy chairs.

She looks completely comfortable with herself and I'm conviced it's not just Elmo - it has something to do with her good mama too.

Christy said...

spelling correction- convinced

Also it's or its? I'll NEVER get it. Its.