Tuesday, February 03, 2009


It is 25 degrees outside.

I am dreaming of this:
July 2, 2008

Soon right? Not soon enough.

btw, thank you for all the love. Today has been a better day for Ms. Madelou and me. If only I could bring in some warmer weather... although I hear that is coming too. (thanks, b.)



Gina said...

Mmmmmm....heat. I am sitting inside with shoes and socks on. My house is at a normal temperature, but my feet are freezing. I cannot wait to be able and warm up in the sun outside. Not soon enough indeed.

bridget said...

I think you should crank the heat up to 85 and put on bathing suits and lay around on beach towels in the living room with all the lights in the house on (bright sunlight simulation) while listening to "Hot time summer in the city" or some other warm weather music.

Molly said...

That B. She's got all kinds of crazy ideas. Good, but crazy. We like that...