Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Whoa, Maddy!

This story is for you DU. Although for my one story you have at least 100 more. For that you are the queen.

Maddy and I spent 2 1/2 hours at the Magic House today with Anna and Maddie. We had a wonderful afternoon and Madeline was EXHAUSTED by the time we left. So exhausted in fact that moments after pulling out of the parking lot she began crying.

I hadn't thought to bring her bop-oo (pacifier) or her blanket. Who would want to carry that around a children's museum anyway, right? I have had this issue in the past and usually I can just explain to her that these items are at home and that is where we are heading.

That didn't work today.

Not 200 yards down the road, she is crying so hard she vomits. Yep, vomits. Lunch had been many hours before, so all she had in her tummy was water and goldfish crackers. She has yellow goo all down her coat and car seat. Ick.

I am in almost panic mode, so I put on my brakes, turn on my blinker and cut across 3 lanes of traffic. (Sorry to anyone driving on Lindbergh this afternoon at 4:30pm and thank you for not hitting me.) I pulled over on the side street, jumped out of the car and tried to clean/calm my daughter. I realized parking in the road wasn't the smartest, so I hop into the front seat again and drive to a parking lot. All the while Maddy is crying so hard she is choking.

I take Maddy's coat off of her, and am holding her trying to calm her down, which works until I suggest we get back in the car seat. So now I am like, Sh*t. How am I going to get this girl home? I call my mom. She suggests I take Maddy out of the car and try to get her to calm down. It worked, sort of.

I finally convince Madeline to get in the car and let me drive her across the street to Target. Yep, I told her her that if she would get back in the car I would buy her a new bop-oo and get her a 'blanket' to substitute for the one I left at home.

So I put Madeline back in her vomit covered car seat, without a coat because that is covered in Vomit too, and head for Target. We get another 100 yards down the road and she is so upset again she vomits. This time she doesn't have much left to gift to me so I am able to catch most of it in a wet wipe. (I was stopped at a light, so don't think I was being dangerous.)

We get to the Target parking lot, and once we stop moving she calms down again. I grab her out of the car, wrap her in my coat and head inside. I skip the cart because her pants are covered in vomit and I can hide that against my side if I hold her. We head straight to the baby section and pick up some bops and then I head to the towels and pick up a great clearance towel. We check out and I sit in the food court to un-wrap her bops. Did I mention she is FINE this whole time. Not a tear, happy and chatting with other shoppers all through Target? It is only in the car that she gets so upset that she vomits. ARGH!!!

I wrap her back up in the towel put her in the car and she is fine. The whole way home she is fine. She doesn't sleep, she just sits in her vomit soaked car seat, with her vomit soaked pants, looking out the window, sucking her her bop. Occasionally she sings.

She's fine. I on the other hand just wanted to go to bed.

I tell you this story not to invoke pity, but so that you may laugh with me. I mean how ridiculous was my afternoon?!?!?!?!?! I mean really?

I am going to bed.



Molly said...

I heard the panic in your voice when you called from the side of the road, but still, I wanted to laugh - just a little! That girl was being crazy! I applaud your flexibility and your creativity. The trip to Target was pure genius. See what a good mom you are? Miss Maddy-Lou, however, is in serious danger of losing her daughter-of-the-year status. No worries... she'll score in the Granddaughter-of-the-Year category. :)

Gina said...

You are much tougher than me...going in to Target with a vomit-soaked kid. At least I know my little man is not the only kiddo out there who is ridiculously dramatic.

Adrienne said...

My husband's response? "Wow."

My response? I laughed. I'm sorry. It is like the winner for the "top this story" in the raising child category. I sincerely hope that I will never be able to top that. I hope that you have a wonderful night sleep. You deserve it.

bridget said...

Might I suggest keeping a spare bop-o and blanket substitute in the car?