Monday, February 02, 2009

To post or not to post

I have been trying to craft a post in my head all morning. It is now 2pm and I have decided I am going to write and see what happens.

I am not having a stellar day. Madeline was up late last night, (b/c of the Super Bowl, stupid Steelers) but was up at her usual time. She's been extra crabby because of her lack of sleep, and I've been extra crabby because of my lack of sun. Let's just say we are not a good combination today. I am taking a lot of deep breaths and I called my mother, and talked to my dad and I am feeling better. It is good to know that the two parents that I admire most in this world, my own, think I am doing just fine. Even when I loose my sh*t and yell at my strong willed child (who then melts into tears making me feel like I am seconds away from having DFS on my doorstep). Perfect.

Anywho, I hate this time of year. It is too cold to be outdoors soaking up the sun and I start to feel stir crazy. This morning I wanted to run errands just to get us out of the house, but based on Madeline's mood I cut our trip short and came home. I hate that. Why is it the one time I forget her water that is all she wants. It's like she has water-dar (like radar or gay-dar, but for water) and knows when there isn't a sippy cup within' 100 feet from her. If I had had a cup with us I would have offered it and she would have refused, but because I had forgotten it that was all she wanted. How can a 1 1/2 year old make me feel so guilty? And just because I forgot a stinkin' cup of WATER! ARGH! I can't wait for warmer days. Oh how I want to open our windows and let the warm wind air this place (and me) out!

As for house news, there is none. I am feeling so torn about the whole process. We are cleaning out closets and getting rid of stuff and packing other things (like salad tongs that I use three times a year and the hand mixer that I use even less). Our basement is filling with boxes and I hope that someday soon we will get the word to move them all out and get the house show ready. That being said, we have NO idea when that will be! It might be tomorrow, in which case we would have to haul our rears to get it all done in time, or it might be in a month, which is much more doable, or it may never happen, which is a reality that makes it hard to remain motivated. I don't want to hope too much and work to hard to get this house ready to sell if nothing ever comes of the contract we have put on the new house. I don't want to be disappointed but I also don't want to be unprepared.

As for other things on my mind today: Has anyone ever made their own Windex? I got a recipe online but I am not sure I want to buy the ingredients if I don't know if it is going to work. The recipe is below, you tell me what you think ok? And if you have another solution for cleaning glass, and other smooth surfaces, etc. leave me a comment/recipe and maybe I'll try it out.
Make at home windex
1/2 c. ammonia
2 c. rubbing alcohol
1 tsp dishwashing soap
mix above ingredients with water, up to 1 gallon

That recipe reminds me of a story from my "childhood." I have always been good. As a child I was a drama queen, but I was never a trouble maker. I was always home by curfew (that is when I had one) and I was so terribly naive. In 6th grade, at 12 years old, one of the boys in my grade was hospitalized for "alcohol" poisoning. The story was that he had found some "alcohol" in his parents basement and ended up having to have his stomach pumped. I remember asking my 6th grade teacher about this incident and being really confused. I couldn't understand why anyone would drink "alcohol"? I mean that stuff smelled terrible! After a few minutes I realized I was thinking of the wrong kind of "alcohol." I was thinking of rubbing alcohol, he had drunk a 5th of Jack Daniels. The boy that it happened to was fine, and actually was in the top 10 % of my graduating class 6 years later. Turns out he was just as naive as I was and didn't know what the side affects of drinking "alcohol" were. I guess we BOTH learned a lesson that week.

Sorry this has been so random. I am just feeling a little out of sorts these days and I just have to get some stuff out there. Even if it is crazy stories about 6th grade and my own stupidity, right?



Gina said...

Hey...the whole yelling at your kid thing could be worse...when I raise my voice to my almost-2-year-old, he either completely ignores me, or hits me. And then, wait, gotta go, DFS is at the door.

Jen said...

I love the complete randomness of this post.

Don't beat yourself up. Everyone loses their temper sometimes, except maybe Ma Duggar.

RPS said...

I hear you on the uncertainty of life moments. I'm crossing my fingers for the house, trying to send you some sun, love the header and that Maddy calls her doll sock 'n mecky sometimes -- that's hilarious. We don't have internet yet at the new place, but we've been keeping up. You're doing a great job -- she's a happy/healthy kiddo.

bridget said...

GOOD NEWS ALERT!!!!!!! Have you seen the long range forecast? Cold on Tuesday & Wednesday, but in the mid- to upper-50's (maybe even 60!) Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday! Get ready to open some windows (briefly - it's not like it's 70 degrees) and plan a trip to the park with Madeline and some friends (don't forget the water/sippy cup)...that should perk you up!

Ms. Bethie said...

All I got for you is a long distance hug! Ramble away, that's what a blog is for. Best of luck - winter is a hard time of year - especially now in February when spring is so close yet still so far away.

Adrienne said...

Don't get rid of the handmixer. I use mine for to make cakes/cupcakes from a mix. Yes, I can make certain cakes from scratch (Tuxedo cake anyone?), but often it is usually much simpler (and quicker) to use a mix. And then, yes, I use canned frosting. Martha Stewart I am not.

Molly said...

To all readers: As your blogger's mother AND a research clinician in child psychiatry, I want to assure you all that Mo is a top-notch mother. Honest. Flawed. Loving. Nurturing. Stressed. Fun-loving. Good humored. Guilt ridden. All those things that make up the best moms. Even good mom's get DFS at the door... or at least they worry about it. :)

I can vouch, too, for her being a "good kid". Good kids typically grow up to be great adults. ILY, girliecue.