Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The Tuesday Ten, vol. VII

Keepin' it real edition.

Just in case you might be laboring under the impression that I am super mom after I admitted to cooking not one, not two but five different homemade items for Valentines day yesterday I thought I'd give you ten true to life snip its of the world as I know it, today.

My back hurts crazy bad and nothing I have taken seems to help. Laying flat seems to work, but there are two crazy (sugared up) squirrels running loose in my house so laying flat all day isn't really an option.

I ran the dishwasher twice yesterday but have yet to unload it for the second time which means my sink and counters are full of dirty dishes including the dinner dishes from last night, breakfast from this morning and lunch today.

I mooched dinner off my parents. See #1 and #2.

I have two baskets of clean but needing to be folded clothes on my bed room floor.

Yet, all of Kevin's work shirts were dirty this evening when we discovered there was no clean shirt to iron for tomorrow.

Doing laundry at 10:45pm is fun. (or at least that is what we are telling ourselves...)

Madeline's bookshelf has three shelves. There are approximately 15 books on all three shelves. The rest are scattered to the four walls of her room. It isn't pretty.

There are three laundry baskets in Lydia's room. I am pretty sure all of the contents are clean. I mean, pretty sure.

I don't think I brushed my teeth today.

I did shower though, so that is at least one win for me.


Michelle said...

10 is too long. So I'll do 5. :)
1. I finally did a load of laundry last night. I still have at least 2 or 3 more loads. Yuck.
2. Last night I ate mashed potatoes and corn for dinner. Devon had cheese, grapes, pancakes and orange pepper. Weird but he ate.
3. Devon is a puzzle monster this week. He's actually getting kind of impressive with his puzzle skills.
4. I really could use a nap.
5. I'm hoping our new trend of amazing weather sticks around. I feel so much nicer when it's sunny and warm!

Adrienne said...

I'll do 10, but only 4 days late!

1. Michelle, as I type this my couch is full of laundry. BUT. My wonderful husband says he will fold it. Yay for him!

2. I have more clothes to wash.

3. I spent time this morning vacuuming up the blessed ladybugs. I see more already. I hate them.

4. I took Alexander and Caroline to the zoo yesterday. We had a blast. Apparently we think alike, Maureen. Our goals were to see gorillas, giraffes, and crabs. Apparently there is NOT a tank with crabs at the zoo. Oops. He handled it well though...

5. I love it when my child is SOOO well behaved. Now could that please happen when we are at the grocery store in town where everyone knows us?

6. Caroline rolled herself over again. Like last time, she was rather ticked.

7. It's spring! It's spring!!! (Not really, but it is nice to have a had such nice warm weather for a week. Back to normal February in NE tonight. Phooey.)

8. My husband finished constructing our plant light structure. It's fun thinking about our garden. (I hope to keep up with it better this summer!) Now to work on the figuring out what needs to be started when...

9. I love it that Xan was SO excited to see "gorilla tushies" at the zoo.

10. We get to eat Godfather's pizza in Wayne tonight - sans children. With friends. I am very very excited!

Adrienne said...

11. Things are blooming! Not outside (although I am curious to see if the daffodils we planted last fall come up). My inside plants are blooming! 3 hibiscus blooms, a trailing impatient, and lo and behold... the Christmas cactus. Apparently when you water plants, they like it. Who would have thought...