Tuesday, February 22, 2011

The Tuesday Ten, vol. IIX

It's been a week. That's all I have to say about that.

For this week's Tuesday Ten I harassed my children by following them around with my cell phone camera all day. I hope you enjoy it more than they did.*

Today was hat day at school. Madeline borrowed Granny's crazy bat hat. It was the craziest hat by far.

I promise she smiled like .45 seconds after this photo... but doesn't she look pathetic?

While Madeline played at school Lydia and I played at home. Well, we tried to play. She is in the point and scream and throw a fit stage.

But she's cute so that makes up for a lot of it.

Then we went to target and we found out what freedom smells like. It's kinda like a crisp fall day in October.

Man am I funny or what? Don't answer that.

After naps Lydia gets ready for Mardi Gras.


I made potato soup for dinner. I am totally obsessed with this soup. I'll share the recipe soon.

It isn't really that yellow in person. Honest.

The squirrels occupied themselves while I cooked.

Be advised, this is rare.

Dinner was yummy.

And very colorful.

Lydia likes to smear food into her hair.

Her hair stuck like this until bath time.

You can't head to a bath without a little dessert...

Why yes that is Redi Whip in a can? No, you can't have any.

Bath time might just be Lydia's favorite part of the day.

Madeline tolerates it, at best.

Bonus -11-!!!
Then I got to deal with the three foot pile of laundry in my bedroom.

I am happy to say it is now all folded.

Happy Tuesday!

*Of course I am kidding. They didn't really hate it. Ok, maybe Madeline hated it a little (see #1), yikes!


Michelle said...

I have a mountain of laundry. It cannot compete. I'll send 10 later.

Adrienne said...

My mountain of laundry wants to meet yours. At least your mountain is clean...

Adrienne said...

Okay, once again I am doing this way after Tuesday. Thus to make up for it, my list will be 10 reasons why Maureen is awesome. Everyone, feel free to add your own - or tell her in person if you are that lucky.

1. She blogs. I can't even seem to find the time to send pictures of the kids to my parents.

2. She makes what looks like yummy food! Her family is so lucky.

3. Her cat's name is Olive. What a great name for a cat.

4. She has amazing shelving in her kitchen. I even called a friend over to the computer to see the pictures of the beautiful shelves in the kitchen. She was envious too. And her husband is a contractor.

5. She has beautiful children.

6. She is real enough to share the moments when her children are normal children and act-up instead of pretending (like I sometimes want to with mine) that they are robots.

7. She is serious about her roles in life, but doesn't take herself too seriously. She's a lot of fun.

8. She is good at taking pictures.

9. She builds her husband up on her blog instead of tearing him down as I have seen some bloggers do.

10. Her friendship is an important part of my past, present, and future.

Have a great weekend, Maureen! Love you!

Fiance-Jeanne said...

Love the Pics of the girls! So need that potato recipe, sounds delicious! I really enjoy your Tuesday Ten!

Molly said...

My top reason for thinking Maureen is awesome? She loves me even when I'm crabby and/or forgetful. I love her when she's crabby, too. :)