Tuesday, February 01, 2011

The Tuesday Ten, vol. V

Today was SUPPOSE to be snowpocolypse 2011. Instead of the 1/2 inch of ice and then 16-20 inches we got a minimal amount of ice, a couple of inches of sleet and we MIGHT get some snow, but only a little bit. Kinda a let down really.

I did a redonkulous amount of laundry today. I still have a redonkulous amount I could still do. (Sheets and towels and the like...) but I think I'm done at least for today.

None of us left the house today. We probably won't leave the house tomorrow.

We are a little bored.

We are catching up on our DVR tonight.

But I spent the last 30 minutes on the IKEA website after a reference to the Grunka spoons on the TV show Chuck.

Why isn't there an IKEA in the greater STL area? WHY????

Why is it that TV newborns are always the size of three month olds? Not that I suggest newbies should be acting, but I mean, really?

Madeline announced today that she was going to have 5 children all at the same time and there names are going to be Acra, Bacra, Ama, Rama and Crama. I could not contain my giggles on this one. I hope someday I get those 5 grandchildren named Acra, Bacra, Ama, Rama, and Crama. I just hope I have enough arms. :)

And just cuz...


Bridget said...


Adrienne said...

It is almost Thursday - therefore a Thursday 10 for me:

1. Cold - outside and also inside. Heat works, heaters on. But artic blast makes my house still feel cold.

2. Why can't I serve dinner with everything being hot? Paul doesn't complain, but when he quietly sticks his plate in the microwave, I feel like a failure.

3. We made two loaves of bread in the machine in just over 48 hours. It is almost gone.

4. I love bread.

5. If a beta fish can be depressed, I think ours is.

6. My mommy is coming on Friday!

7. Project 'Clean the House' is coming along. Almost done.

8. Oh who am I kidding, it will never be done!!! We have too much crap and two kids. And their crap... And those %^&$#^*#@ ladybugs.

9. Alexander likes to tell us about meat eaters and plant eaters. "T-rexes likes to eat carrion." One of these days, he will find out what that is. Not sure if he will be grossed out or think it is cool. This is the same child that spent yesterday morning "deer hunting" with Daddy. He led the pretending. Not something I ever could have imagined my child would do. Paul at least reinforces with him "we only shoot animals that we are going to eat." That makes it better. Or at least that's what I tell myself.

10. I want another piece of bread before I go to bed. With honey.

10 1/2. I LOVE having a big supply of honey. We did well with selling it. Paul had enough to pay for his new packages of bees and queens. Happy husband!

Your children are beautiful, Maureen. Love the picture of Lydia on the recliner. What is the pattern on the bottom of her shoes?

Molly said...

1. you make your mother happy
2. I went to work today!
3. I smiled at the mass of postage note tabs Maddy left stuck to my computer monitor when she visited my office on Sunday.
4. I got a lot done
5. I came home to a fabulous dinner - complete with candlelight!
6. I also came home to a roaring fire.
7. I started that fire before I left for work.
8. Your father has given me permission to be hacked off that he has snow days while I go to work.
9. I love your dad
10. I can't wait to meet your grandchildren!

mGk said...

I totally, accidentally, deleted a comment from Michelle today, so I am cutting and pasting it from my e-mail so it still posts... opps and sorry Chelle! I love you! Promise!

1. Devon asks for fruit snacks every day when I pick him up from school. He eats 2 out of the pack but is distressed if I bring anything else. I can't figure it out.
2. Made a baked pasta tonight for a dinner party tomorrow night.
3. It's supposed to rain all day tomorrow. I need sunshine.
4. I ahven't even finished 1/2 of my weekly to-do list.
5. I went to T J Maxx today and only bought one little thing for myself (a new journal). I bought 2 shirts for Bharath.
6. We are back to Devon requesting someone "sleep on the floor" while he falls asleep. I was the "sleep on the floor" person tonight.
7. Devon and I buit airplanes on GE Paths of Flight this morning and again tonight. He loves that program!
8. I need to declutter our house. Again.
9. I ordered some dresses from Nordstroms. I'm not as impressed as I hoped to be. I'm thinking they will be returned.
10. Devon's best new trick: giving smoochy kisses. Awesome. :)