Tuesday, February 08, 2011

The Tuesday Ten, vol. VI

Whilst doing laundry tonight I bent down to get the reds out of the dryer and came face to face with a cricket the size of my thumb. I freaking hate crickets.

Madeline's valentines day party is this Thursday. I am stoked. I have her valentines all ready for her to 'sign.' Madeline seems completely unaffected. Just my luck.

I went to Target to get one thing today. I came home with 5. Within an hour of returning home I added two more things to my Target list. Life is cruel some times.

Agh... I just can't stop thinking about that stupid cricket. It was gigantic. Huge. Colossal. Gargantuan. Mammoth. Humongous. Immense. Jumbo. Monstrous. Whopping. Ample. Mutant.

Lydia cut another tooth this week which makes a total of 8.

If there were such a thing as the magic laundry fairy wouldn't ask her to do my laundry so much as locate my laundry on the main floor so I didn't have to deal with mutant crickets.

I read a (real, grown up) book in less than 48 hours this week. That hasn't happened since my undergraduate days. It was awesome.

I'm pretty sure that beast is going to haunt my dreams. They are just so jumpy and springy and you never know where they are going to land. (This may have something to do with the fact that most crickets in our basement are missing one of their back legs- Thank you Olive the ferocious beast- so they leap in circles)

Thanks to my 6 year old cousin Mia, Madeline has discovered the joy of Pop Rocks. Her world is a brighter, happier place.

Did I mention I freaking hate crickets.


Michelle said...

1. I will take crickets over huge cockroaches any day. But I do feel badly for you.
2. I'm beyond relieved our laundry isn't in our very scary basement. It's an almost 80 year old dirt basement. You could hide a dead body in there no problem.
3. They are calling for more snow tonight. Apparently, the weather doesn't appreciate that I moved to the South for a reason.
4. I'd love a nap right now.
5. Devon needs a haircut. Badly. I'm officially that mom that doesn't take care of that kid.
6. All I want to eat these days are spinach salads with poppyseed dressing. Is that weird? It is delicious.
7. Pretty sure I like Chuggington more than Thomas. It's kind of sad that that is what my life has come to but there it is.
8. I'm stressed this week. I wish I wasn't. Sometimes waiting to take care of an unpleasant task is worse than actually doing it. I wish this week was over.
9. I've been checking my email compulsively today. I haven't had many emails.
10. I wish I was outside, in the sunshine, in a tank top, shorts and flip flops. On the beach. (are you sensing a theme?)

Elliot said...

Just so you know, Kathy and I stopped at Ikea in Bolingbrook on our way down. We had all of four things on our list: Batteries, a curtain rod system for our closet, and then check baby gates and shower heads. Won't tell you how much we spent, because I don't want to think about it. We bought batteries, a baby gate, curtain rod, curtains, a big umbrella, a new shelf system to replace the white plastic crate system we've been keeping our blankets in downstairs, a step-stool for the bathroom, we made up our mind to get a new entertainment center and even got so far as to pick it out but that's a purchase for another later date...and we totally forgot to look at shower heads.

Adrienne said...

1. Apparently I could have named a cockroach for Paul instead of the cheap movie I got him for Valentine's Day. Who knew!

2. My mommy left yesterday and I am much sadder than I expected.

3. It is warm now and should be all week!!!!!!!

4. Which means mud. Lots and lots of mud.

5. Apparently if you accidently leave a bag of potatoes in the trunk and they freeze, you can use them right after they thaw for decent mashed potatoes. However then if you let them continue to sit on your counter, they will start oozing really stinky goo.

6. I realize there are things which could be more serious than having a cracked finger (such as cutting the tip off with a window - been there, done that. Don't recommend it). However, it is really annoying and I keep having to correct my typos.

7. I made sure I brought the potatoes in this time.

8. Our seeds are here for our garden!

9. I *thought* I was buying florescent lights that you can plug in at Menards in Fremont. I didn't. Oops.

10. Alexander is having a blast playing on the snow piles with Daddy! Finally it is warm enough that I can send him outside without (hopefully) triggering a cough!

Adrienne said...

Back to Menards in Fremont. Only a 70 mile round trip. But since we are all going together - we'll count it as "family time"! Also our list has grown. We shall see if we get everything on it!

(wistful voice) I love Target. *Sigh.*

Jenny and Greg said...

What book was so good that you could read it in 48 hours???