Friday, February 04, 2011

tap tap tap.... is this thing on?

I had one guess. One. (and thank you Michelle for that one guess)

I give up.

Are you even out there people. Jeez.

I'm done pouting because I am over joyed to tell you that this:

Became this:

Is it not beautiful?

And guess what else?!?!

My husband MADE IT. I know I am crafty, but the sheer amount of math that it took to determine what wood to purchase had my head reeling. (Math and I, are. not. friends.)

We recently bought a new mattress and up graded from a double (yeah, yeah, yeah, I heard you gasp and ask out loud 'what were they thinking'?!?) to a king (and we will never look back). Our previous head board was only as big as a queen, so we had to come up with another solution.

And what a stunning solution it is.

If you are looking for me I think you know where you'll find me. Curled up in our giant bed with the sheets pulled up over my head (so the girlies can't find me) and probably thanking my lucky stars that I found a man who is so much better at math than I am.


and good night.


Madeleine said...

How beautiful! I check your blog often but don't tend to comment much (on any blogs). We still have a double bed as well, on a box spring, on the floor. We keep thinking we'll upgrade to a king size bed and get a frame and everything for it... but we haven't yet in the two years since we moved. I'm jealous! It looks great!

Jenny and Aaron's Baby Blog said...

Looks gorgeous!!

j&j said...

My first thought when I saw the pile of wood was a deck, but then I realized that you 1) already have a deck and 2) it's winter and this would pretty much be the worst time ever to build a deck. Glad it's something WAY better than that!

How beautiful! You're lucky Kevin is so handy :)

RPS said...

Knew it, but the final product turned out great!!

Adrienne said...

Hey! You posted the last post after I shut things down for the night. Then the next day, I didn't get a chance to check. I miss ONE day (technically 1 1/2 days) and I get guilt!?!?!???? Sniff.
(I'll read the rest of your post later, I only got to the first line... I am eager to see what how it turned out.)
I DO read! Love you!

Adrienne said...

Wow! I am impressed on many levels. First, it only took him three weeks?? He is dedicated! Second, it is sooo beautiful! What a craftsman! Third, I really like the way it looks with the color of the walls and bedding. Nice decorating!
(Do you do long-distance house consulting?) Enjoy your new bed!

Elliot said...

You said those of us who already knew couldn't guess. So I didn't. So there.

Michelle said...

SO impressed!

Molly said...

It really does look fabulous. I'm a no-voter for obvious reasons... I can't wait to see his next project, which I also know about, so I won't be voting on that one either.