Sunday, September 26, 2010

Iowa 2010, Part II

And by tomorrow I mean two days later of course.

In order to move on to Saturday of our trip I must first address Friday night. Friday night was eventful. Madeline didn't want to go to bed. She was so wound up from being in a new place, with new people, and a new bed that she wouldn't calm down. To add to the crazy Lydia was equally crazy. She didn't want to sleep in the pack n play. So after three hours of crazy Madeline finally settled down and fell asleep. Lydia was shortly there after. That was until an hour later...

Madeline slept through, but Lydia cried every time we tried to set her in bed. For the rest of the evening she slept in 45 minute shots whilst being held by Kevin or I. None of us woke up rested.

Lydia had no interest in napping in the pack n play either. She konked out in the sling instead.

So we made guacamole.

Her neck isn't nearly as strained as it looks in this photo. Promise.

Madeline and Quentin got along famously. They played together all morning and kept each other entertained for most of the football game.

Did I mention the football game? The whole reason we headed up to IA was for a barbeque with Kevin's friends from his Iowa State days. The Iowa State vs. Iowa rivalry game.

This is Lydia watching some other game.

So now for the story you've all been waiting for.

During the game the big kiddos were playing outside in the sand box. Somehow Madeline got sand in her eyes. In order to clean them out as quickly as I could I used saline solution to wash her eyes out.

I have to stop here and interject a bit of commentary. Madeline hates getting water in her eyes. Bath time leads to a huge melt down if water even comes close to her eyes. So me spraying saline into her eyes was probably her personal idea of hell.

By the time I had washed all the sand out of her eyes she was really upset. So upset in fact that we had a repeat of the infamous crying induced vomiting episode. That's right. She puked all over Aaron and Jenny's bathroom, the floor, the shower curtain, herself and me. I had to launder my clothes, Maddy's and the bath mat. I washed the shower curtain separate (because that is what the instructions told me to do) and I cleaned their bathroom.

I couldn't have felt worse. Now I know that it wasn't on purpose. I also know that they felt bad because of the sand getting into her eyes in the first place, but I don't know that I have ever done two loads of laundry and cleaned a bathroom with so much apologizing afterward!

After that was behind us, Madeline recovered quickly. There were cupcakes involved. I truly believe cupcakes cure all.



Bridget said...

I'll bet Lydia's neck wasn't nearly as strained as your back! Ouch!!!!!

Bridget said...

...and now I wait for "blog owner approval"...when I think about it, it's pretty funny...always looking for approval! And, no, you don't have to publish this one! haha!