Monday, September 06, 2010

A perfect STL day

I hate heat. I hate humidity. Honestly I do and I know that I live in the wrong part of the country, but this summer where was the right part? I digress... Because of this hatred we haven't spent too much time outside. We would spend some time at the park in the mornings, but only until I couldn't stand it any longer. And when you wake up at 8am and it is already 85 degrees day after day, you don't stand much of a chance.

A few weeks ago, after the summer heat wave (of 95 degrees or higher days) broke, we ventured out doors.

First stop, the St. Louis Zoo.

No trip is complete, for Madeline, without a ride on the conservation carousel. Most of the time Kevin is her riding companion. That day I got the pleasure AND we were the only two people on the entire ride. Although she looks like she might marf, I promise Madeline had a good time.

Lydia watched us pass with amazement and waved frantically. Totally adorable.

Too cool for zool... or something like that.

By the time we rode the train Madeline was worn out and it was past Lydia's nap time. The managed to muster up the strength for a couple of not-screaming-crying-or-whining- photographs.

Second stop, Gus' pretzels.

We told Madeline there was a surprise in the center. Her face tells it all!



Adrienne said...

The pretzel looks yummy. What was "the surprise" in the center?

mGk said...

Her's was a hot dog. Kev and I had italian sausages.

Molly said...

Awesome. I wanna go to the zoo. Right now. And every day. And I want to ride the caterpillar on the carousel. But if Madeline wants it, I'll give it up. Maybe.